Welcome to Redirect2 the site that allows people to stay in-touch where ever you go.

How to use Redirect2?

Using the service is easy, Just register a primary address (where email will be sent), and then you can register any number of redirection addresses. or

At some point in the future, will incur a registration fee for each redirection registered. is free but you'll get an advert along with the redirected email and the sender will also get an advert. It's up to you.

NOTE: This service is currently in beta, and there is no guarantee that addresses stored will continue working.

How it works

Say you register your primary address as (you're home email address), and you want people to mail your old work address say, but you can guarantee that work will forward mail for you, tell people that if mail to work doesn't work, or they get no response, they should now email

When mail arrives at redirect2, the redirection address will be checked, and then the email forwarded to the registered primary address. It's that simple. If the redirection address hasn't been registered, then the email will returned to the sender with a standard error message.

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